Aldis Lamp (Daylight Signalling)

An Aldis lamp or Daylight Signalling Lamp is used on board of ships to convey information from one vessel to another or to the shore via light signals. Ships sailing in international waters are required to have a daylight signal lamp on board. The light is mainly used to prevent accidents at sea by sharing information like the heading and whether the vessel is underway, aground or at anchor. Also the morse alphabet can be used to deliver messages. By day, the light signals should be visible for at least two nautical miles. Usually, the devices are powered by a portable battery, which should have sufficient capacity to power the lamp for the usage of at least two hours. The battery is important, because in the case of a power breakdown on board the Aldis lamp can still operate while other communication devices, like radio transceivers might be out of order. Buy the Aldis lamp for your vessel today at Querin and stay enlightened!
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