Good visibility is essential for orientation, whether you are on board a large ship or a small boat. Thus, binoculars are part of the standard equipment at sea and the requirements for marine binoculars are high. Whether dazzling sun, rain, spray from the waves or twilight – the binoculars must always remain ready for use. The contrast in marine binoculars is particularly important so you get a clear and bright image even in adverse weather conditions such as fog or spray. Furthermore, the device must be waterproof and especially salt water resistant at sea. In high waves and wind, binoculars can sometimes slip out of your hands, so floatability is an advantage, as is a rubber grip and a strap. Some objects are also equipped with a compass, which is very practical. From sailing to cruising, high seas or inland waters – Querin offers quality binoculars for all occasions. Keep the overview!
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